Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, the immortal Nepali poet who lived in the mountainous village of Tanahun during the 18th century is still revered for his contribution for uniting his countrymen through the common Nepali language. A nation with few dozen local dialects and regional languages, Nepali serves as a common platform for various tribes and ethnicity to communicate and unite.

Exceptionally talented Bhanu Bhakta lived an uninspired teenage life when he met an illiterate and poor villager named "Ghansi" who was tirelessly cutting and selling grass to sponsor a well for the villagers to drink water. Ghansi's contribution to humanity remains an inspiration for all of us. And Bhanu Bhakta was no exception; he was inspired from the Ghansi to contribute something to the society for which he could be remembered forever.

Sense of belongingness and feeling of social work is in the heart of President Madhav Prasad Ghimire that made him to involve in many small and big social activities for children. He volunteered by spending his personal expenditure for children and their growth in earlier days. This thought of service brought an idea of establishing an organization working particularly for children's education. Hence, in 2007 "GHANSI IDEAL SOCIETY NEPAL" was officially established as non-governmental organization as service oriented. 


Ghansi ideal Society Nepal (GHANSI NEPAL) is formed by Madhav Prasad Ghimire with simple ideal of Ghansi that, irrespective of our socio- economic and educational status, we can contribute to the society we live in through various meaningful ways.

Ghansi Nepal is a pure non-governmental and non-profitable social organization serving nation to develop through education. We believe that education is the main pillar for development. According to the current situation and necessity, Ghansi Nepal launches different social projects which will be beneficial for nation and financially deprived people.


We strongly believe that, “Every child is born equal but what makes them different is the opportunity and environment they get.” GHANSI NEPAL has been working towards providing an environment and opportunity for the children where they can learn and grow as human beings.

The way we do this is by providing education to the children, as we believe that education is the heart and soul underneath it all. The only way that a person can develop to become better and better is by education, along with other activities of course. What the other activities are, that enriches a person, depends upon one’s own self-interest, but what remains the same for all is to have a strong base of education.

Therefore, we work to provide just that opportunity where no child is left behind. Whether they are from a remote village of Nepal, or a child from the dwelling cities, we work towards developing a healthy human being and an ideal society, and thus, a better Nation.


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