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         Inspiring the philanthropic philosophy of “Ghansi,” an illiterate, poor grass cutter to construct a well for villagers, Bhanubhakta Acharya, an immortal Nepali first poet contributed overwhelmingly to Nepali society through language and literature. Ghansi's perception and contribution not only inspired Bhanubhakta but also entire humanity which remain an invaluable source of inspiration and motivation for all of us. Inspired with this humanitarian and altruistic view the name “Ghansi” was conceived in my mind and made it functional unofficially in 2001 as Ghansi Ideal Society Nepal (GHANSI NEPAL) which is also known  as "Ghansi Nepal". But we made a team of highly regarded prof ... Read More

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We strongly believe that, “every child is born equal but what makes them different is the opportunity they get.” Ghansi Nepal works towards providing an environment for the children where they can learn and grow as human beings. The way we do this is by providing education to the children, as we believe that education is the heart and soul underneath it all. The only way that a person can develop to become better and better is by education, along with other activities of course. .....

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