Every child is born equal but what makes them different is the opportunity they get

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Introduction We strongly believe that, “every child is born equal but what makes them different is the opportunity they get.” Ghansi Nepal works towards providing an environment for the children where they can learn and grow as human beings. The way we do this is by providing education to the children, as we believe that education is the heart and soul underneath it all. The only way that a person can develop to become better and better is by education, along with other activities of course. What the other activities are, that enriches a person, depends upon one’s own self-interest, but what

remains the same for all is to have a strong base of education. Therefore, we work to provide just that opportunity where no child is left behind. Whether they are from a remote village of Nepal, or a child from the dwelling cities, we work towards developing a healthy human being and an ideal society, and thus, a better Nation. Vision "We work to bringing in a positive influence in people’s lives and help create a better society" Mission 'Ghansi Nepal has been established to support the society with the hopes to achieve a positive influence in the society by providing; encouragement, opportunities and a ...Read more about us

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  • Friday


    19 , 2013

    Our partner school Taebong High School in Korea is participating in our Student Exchange Program where they will be visiting our school in Damauli, visiting our farmers there, interacting with the kids, and experiencing a typical farmer’s life. During this process they will be exchanging...Read more

  • Friday


    26 , 2013

    Cleanliness Awareness Program in Damauli. Our Students arriving from Taebong High School are helping us raise awareness in Damauli by conducting a ‘Cleanliness Awareness Program’ during their visit....Read more

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